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The Comets Eek Out A Win Over Rockridge

The Newman Comets were able to close out a one-point win over the Rockridge Rockets 48-47 Tuesday night. With 1.7 seconds the Rockets were in-bounding the ball right under the Newman basket. With the Newman Comet lead of only a point, the Rockets had a massive opportunity to take its first lead of the night and possible steal a win. Rockridge in-bounding the ball to #33 Cole Rusk, who was right under the basket, and went up for a layup. Devon House contested the layup which Rusk missed, but was fouled. With .4 seconds in the game, Cole Rusk of Rockridge stepped to the foul-line for two massive free-throws. The first shot to tie the game at 48 was just off the mark and the Newman side of the gym erupted with cheers. All Rockridge could hope for was to sink the next free-throw and likely send the game into overtime, but unfortunately for the Rockets that wasn't in the cards last night. Rusk shot the ball and it careened off the rim right into the hands of Devon House in which time expired, which sent Newman fans into a frenzy. The Comets were able to preserve their lead and take the victory. Up next for the Comets will be the Forreston Holiday Tournament starting December 15th.





Devon House: 19 points

Jake Ackman: 9 points



Jenson Whiteman: 20 points

Riley Fetterer: 7 points