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On average, 37 children die each year form being left inside a vehicle from vehicular heat stroke.  The inside of a vehicle can get dangerously hot in just a few minutes.  42 children died from vehiclular heat stroke during 2017, alone.  As of July of 2018,23 children have died, so far this year,  from being accidently left in a vehicle, according to Kids and Cars.   Look before you Lock.  Get in the habit of always opening the backdoor to check in the backseat before you leave your vehicle. Create a way to remind yourself to check the backseat.   Never leave a child alone in a car…not even for a minute.  Children should never be allowed to play inside a vehicle.  Keep car keys and car remotes out of the reach of children.  Keep you vehicle locked at all times so a child cannot get into your vehicle.  If a child goes missing  immediately check all

compartments of the vehicle.   Ask your daycare provider to contact you immediately if your have not cancelled and you do not drop off your child.  If you see a child left inside a vehicle call 911 immediately.  If the child seems sickly or hot get them out of the vehicle.  88% of children who have died from vehicular heat stroke are age 3 and younger.  Don’t think it can’t happen to you …the vast majority of parents who have forgotten their child was in the car were loving and responsible parents.  Remember to Look Before You Lock!