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Ancient Egyptian 'magic spell' decoded

An ancient Egyptian papyrus with an image showing two bird-like creatures, possibly with a penis connecting them, has been deciphered, revealing a magic spell of love.

Pope warns of existential ennui in secular Estonia

Pope Francis ended his pilgrimage to the Baltics on Tuesday in secular Estonia, warning that "existential ennui" can creep in when societies put their faith in technological progress alone.

After the hurricane comes the deluge on South Carolina coast

Eleven days ago, Lee Gantt was at a Hurricane Florence party in her neighborhood in Georgetown, where the story goes that some houses haven't flooded from the Sampit River since they were built before the American Revolution.

Philippine president's fiercest critic arrested, posts bail

A Philippine court ordered President Rodrigo Duterte's fiercest critic in Congress arrested Tuesday after the president revoked the senator's 2011 amnesty for a failed coup attempt and revived rebellion charges against him in an unprecedented legal move the legislator called a blow to democracy.