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Notre Dame's Opponents: Navy falls, dropping undefeateds to only Georgia and Miami (FL)

One of the three heretofore remaining undefeated opponents on Notre Dame’s schedule fell this weekend, largely due to its own mistakes. All in all, Irish opponents went 7-4 but are expected to go 3-5 this coming weekend, not counting Notre Dame’s matchup with USC. Temple (3-4): The Owls were favored by 9.5 points, but gifted […]

Bye Week Primer: What to watch & what to read

This is Notre Dame’s bye week. Any “Who, what, when, where, why and by how much” ponderings do not really apply this week. Instead, it comes down to “What to watch” and “What to read.” Partly due to the Irish not playing, there are no top-25 matchups this weekend. There are, however, still a handful […]

Friday at 4: 40 predictions updated & 4 more for the next six weeks

It may be a common exercise, but that is because it is a logical one. What fun are season-long predictions if not checked on throughout the fall? For that matter, a time will come to tally results and either offer self-congratulatory praise or quietly hang a head in shame. If nothing else, this update can […]

A Notre Dame Bye Week Mailbag: On bowls, momentum & passing game struggles

This bye week mailbag starts off with a long answer. I’d apologize for that, but it would be insincere. The question was a valid one and I understand the thinking. That is why I took the time to dissuade it outright. “One question I’ve been toying with in my head is, if we run the […]

Notre Dame's defense has limited scoring, but what keys have led to that?

In looking at some preseason predictions, this space speculated Notre Dame would give up between 23.6 and 25.1 points per game this season. That would have been in-line with last season’s final seven games, a period in which the Irish defense performed much better than may be realized, allowing only 23.9 points per game. Such […]

A statistical look at Notre Dame's offense through six games compared to the past

Before the season, it was largely expected Notre Dame’s passing game would thrive. This thinking came from offensive coordinator Chip Long’s past, Irish head coach Brian Kelly’s tendencies and Notre Dame’s recent history. That has not been the case. Instead, the Irish offense has gone as far as its running game could carry it. In […]