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Scoreboard roundup -- 5/26/18

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Saturday’s sports events:

Boston 8, Atlanta 6
Oakland 3, Arizona 0
Philadelphia 2, Toronto 1

Texas 4, Kansas City 3, 10 Innings
Chicago White Sox 8, Detroit 4
Tampa Bay 5, Baltimore 1
Cleveland 8, Houston 6
L.A. Angels 11, N.Y. Yankees 4
Seattle 4, Minnesota 3, 12 Innings

St. Louis 4, Pittsburgh 1
Milwaukee 17, N.Y. Mets 6
Washington 4, Miami 1
San Francisco 5, Chicago Cubs 4
Cincinnati 6, Colorado 5
San Diego 7, L.A. Dodgers 5

Golden State 115, Houston 86

Dallas 78, Atlanta 70
Connecticut 86, Indiana 77

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Cleveland Indians reliever Andrew Miller to miss time with knee ailment

Allen Kee/ESPN Images(CLEVELAND) -- The Cleveland Indians placed star relief pitcher Andrew Miller on the disabled list due to a right knee injury.

Miller, who had just recovered from a hamstring injury in his right knee, allowed three runs in the team's 11-2 loss to the Houston Astros on Friday night.

After the game, he told reporters, "I'm definitely not sharp. I wish I had the answers. I think there's flashes of it, but it's been a pretty big grind lately."

The Indians call the injury right knee inflammation. Last season, he was placed on the disabled list twice with patellar tendinitis in his right knee.

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Cavaliers star Kevin Love will miss Game 7 of Eastern Conference Finals

Phil Ellsworth/ESPN Images(CLEVELAND) -- As the Cleveland Cavaliers prepare for their win-or-go-home Game 7 matchup with the Boston Celtics, they will be without one of their top players.

Forward Kevin Love was ruled out of the do-or-die Eastern Conference Final matchup due to concussion-like symptoms, according to ESPN.

This marks one of a string of concussion-related injuries Love has sustained in recent years, suffering one concussion in 2016 and another this past March.

He was hit in the head by the shoulder of Celtics forward Jayson Tatum in the first quarter of Game 6 and did not return.

The Cavaliers and Celtics face off in Boston Sunday night. The winner advances to the NBA Finals.

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Danica Patrick reflects on racing career before final Indy 500

Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Danica Patrick is gearing up for her last ride. The 37-year-old race car driver’s time behind the wheel will end after tomorrow’s Indy 500.

“It’s been harder to come back to IndyCar than it was to leave and go do something else,” Patrick told Good Morning America.

That “something else” was rewriting race car history. Patrick made headlines when she became the first woman to win a NASCAR Cup Series pole in 2013. That year, she set the fastest qualifying time for the Daytona 500, and she ultimately finished eighth, the highest finishing position ever for a woman.

“You think that you know what you want, but you never know what differences along the way that will happen and lead you to an even better place,” Patrick said of her racing career. “There’s things that I still remember from the first Indy 500 I did that I apply to today.”

Patrick’s life on the track has inspired young women around the world. But before she crosses the finish line on her racing career, GMA had Patrick take a trip down memory lane, reflect on her past and serve up some all-star advice.

“If there’s a girl out there that wants to be the next Danica Patrick, I would say that your goals are wrong,” she said. “You should want to be the first you and not the next me.”

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Scoreboard roundup -- 5/25/18

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Friday’s sports events:

Toronto 6, Philadelphia 5
Boston 6, Atlanta 2
Arizona 7, Oakland 1

N.Y. Yankees 2, L.A. Angels 1
Houston 11, Cleveland 2
Detroit 5, Chicago White Sox 4
Baltimore 2, Tampa Bay 0
Texas 8, Kansas City 4
Seattle 2, Minnesota 1

Chicago Cubs 6, San Francisco 2
Pittsburgh 8, St. Louis 1
Washington 9, Miami 5
Milwaukee 4, N.Y. Mets 3, 10 Innings
Colorado 5, Cincinnati 4
L.A. Dodgers 4, San Diego 1

Cleveland 109, Boston 99

Minnesota 78, N.Y. Liberty 72
Seattle 95, Chicago 91

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Ivanka Trump says it's 'ridiculous' that Serena Williams is being 'penalized' for her pregnancy

Al Bello/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Ivanka Trump is not happy about the way Serena Williams was treated in the lead up to the French Open.

The First Daughter came to the defense of the tennis star on social media on Thursday, writing that it was "ridiculous" that Williams was unseeded from the tennis tournament after having taken time off from the game to give birth to her daughter.

"This is ridiculous," Trump wrote in a tweet Thursday. "@SerenaWilliams is a formidable athlete (best ever!) and loving new mother. No person should ever be penalized professionally for having a child! The #WTA should change this rule immediately. #FrenchOpen."

Without being seeded, Williams, a 23-time Grand Slam winner who has won the French Open three times, could face highly-ranked opponents in the early rounds of the tournament.

She returned to the World Tennis Association tour in March after giving birth to her daughter, and has won twice and lost twice.

 Williams has not commented publicly about the seeding situation, but she hasn't been laying low in recent weeks, either.

Last weekend, she was in England and attended the royal wedding - as she is a friend of the newly-minted Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

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'I get mad every time I watch it,' NBA player says of video showing police using stun gun on him

Claus Andersen/Getty Images(MILWAUKEE) -- NBA rookie Sterling Brown felt "defenseless" when police surrounded him in a parking lot, pulled him to the ground and tased him in an arrest for which the Milwaukee police chief apologized.

A day after police body camera video was released showing officers allegedly using excessive force on him over what was initially a parking violation, the 23-year-old Milwaukee Bucks' player told "Good Morning America" co-anchor Robin Roberts that he wants justice, not only for himself but for others who have experienced similar situations.

During the early morning hours on Jan. 26, Brown was parked illegally outside of a Walgreens drug store when he was approached by an officer wearing a body camera. “You don’t see the issue here? You’re not parked across three lanes?” the officer can be heard saying in the now-viral footage.

Brown said that he “initially didn’t see” the policeman until he “got right in front of the car” and was confronted by the officer.

“He told me to -- get away from the car and all that,” Brown recalled. “And I'm asking … ‘What's going on?’”

“I'm double parked,” he added. “But, you know … he called backup, and backup came.”

Six police vehicles soon arrived on the scene. “From there,” Brown told Roberts. “They surrounded me.”

In a police report of the incident, officers wrote that Brown was acting "very aggressive" and "physically resisted." The video shows Brown standing calmly and attempting to comply with orders when officers swarmed him, forced him to the ground and used a stun gun on him in the drugstore parking lot in Milwaukee.

"I mean, everybody thought that ... from the beginning, you know, thought I was combative, thought I was, you know, being aggressive," Brown said.

He said watching the video and reliving the nightmare has only made him angry.

"I mean, I get mad every time I watch it, you know, 'cause I was defenseless, pretty much," Brown told Roberts.

In the video, an officer repeatedly orders Brown to "back up," before telling him "I will do what I want, alright? I own this right here."

The officer accuses Brown of "being all badass with me" to which Brown replies "I ain't got no problem."

Other officers arrive on the scene and can be seen talking to Brown near his vehicle when one of the officers shouts for Brown to take his hands out of his pockets. Brown says that he has “stuff” in his pockets as several officers close in and take him to the ground. A scuffle ensues and an officer yells "Taser, Taser, Taser!" Brown can be heard moaning on the ground.

But Brown said the video doesn't begin to show the frightening details he endured.

"The video shows no justice at what really happened," Brown said. "Like, it's a bodycam, it's close, you can hear me screaming or what not. But anybody who's been in that position knows how ... how dirty it can get. So it's ... it's tough every time I watch it."

He recalled being “on the ground for about ten minutes.” Brown said that during that time, his thoughts were “How do I get home? How do I see my family?”

Physically, being tased “was a shock,” Brown said, adding that “you could hear it.”

“It came out of nowhere,” he recalled of the shock. “I tensed up instantly.”

He said he thinks it escalated so quickly because “they wanted to control the situation, they wanted to show their force, their power.”

He said he's finally speaking out and pursuing legal action against the police department because he wants to send a message that what was done to him was not right.

"That's why I'm ... doing what I'm doing legally," he said. "I'm here speaking to you, you know, just to draw attention to it and try to, you know, be that voice and try to help as many people as I can in this situation."

“I mean whether I park illegally or not,” Brown said. “It shouldn't have led to what it led to.”

“I could have just got a ticket, went home, paid however much money,” he added.

He said for a long time after the incident, he did not want what happened to him to be made public.

"I really didn't want it to come out. I really didn't want the video," Brown said. "It's just personal. Like, it's personal business. You know, as I thought about it more ... I mean I feel like why not? You know, why not be a voice for people who, you know, can't say anything or can't speak up for themselves?"

Brown was not charged with a crime as a result of the incident.

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales said at a news conference held Wednesday that the officers involved "acted inappropriately" and were "recently disciplined."

Morales did not detail what that discipline entailed and did not answer reporters' questions.

"I am sorry this incident escalated to this level," Morales said.

In a statement, the Milwaukee Police Association blamed the Brown incident on a “drastically understaffed” department. “Because officers are frequently mandated to work alone they are at greater risk to be compelled to use higher levels of force,” the statement reads. “Use of Force will never look pretty, but it is — unfortunately, a necessary component of policing. The cause or need for force is always dictated by the subject confronting the police officer.”

Brown said that instances similar to what happened to him, have been “happening for years, and people’s stories have not been told.”

For this reason, he feels it's his “responsibility” to speak out.

Brown encouraged others to “keep fighting” and “bringing attention” to instances like this, and to keep “putting pressure” on those in authority so that one day things will “change.”


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